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Ultimate Pounce Chalk Powder Refill White

If you love using your Quilt Pounce Powder Pad to mark stencils on your quilt top, there will eventually be the sad day when you run out of chalk. Thankfully, Quilt Pounce Powder Refills are here to keep your Quilt Pounce Pads full!

The Quilt Pounce Powder Refills will mark many quilts! Of course, the exact number of quilts will depend on how much of your quilts you mark.

To fill the pad, remove the cap from the top and pour the Quilt Pounce Powder Refills into the pad’s reservoir. The powder will need a little help to sift all the way through the pad if the pad was all out of chalk. So you’ll need to firmly pat the pad on a hard surface the first time you fill it. I like to take it outside and firmly pat the pad against my deck railing. If the powder isn’t coming through easily, you’ll want to pat the closed pad a few more times.

When the Quilt Pounce Powder Pad is refilled it’s ready for marking your quilt tops again. Swipe the pad over the top of your stencil to transfer the design. If you’re getting too much powder on your quilt top you might be patting the pad instead of wiping it. Once your pad is really saturated with chalk it doesn’t take much powder to transfer your design.

We always recommend testing a new product on your extra fabrics before using it on your quilt top.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using your Quilt Pounce Powder. All of the chalks are wash out or brush off, but the Ultimate White Quilt Pounce Powder is also iron off. Be careful not to mix up your different chalks!

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