Embroidery Thread of the Month Club


If your like me my crayon box of thread isn't big enough.  When I was a kid I only got the 24 box of crayons for school and was so jealous of the person with the 120 box!  So I'm giving you the opportunity to build your box over time to make it affordable and when finished your will have 450 colors of thread!

This is Robison Anton Super Brite Polyester
Mini King Spools
1100 yards each
40 weight

Regular retail is $5.00 each......when in the club you will get 10 spools a month at $4.75 each.  The shipment will go out around the 15th of each month starting in June.  You can join at anytime or drop at any time.  If we are shipping to you the postage will be $5.00.  If you are needing other colors as long as you are a club member you can order them at $4.75 each.  Call now to join the club!!!!

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